How to Create Health Care Marketing Campaign Headlines That Attract Immediate Attention

Whether your health care marketing campaigns involve print materials like newsletters or newspaper ads, or you’re making use of the internet for health care online marketing campaigns featuring website articles and subscriber emails, creating headlines that attract immediate attention is crucial to success. While the content you provide in your newsletter, newspaper ad, website article, or subscriber email is ultimately the most important, your headline is what will attract a reader to want to read what you have to say.Creating headlines that demand attention and compel a person to want to read your information is an art in itself, but it’s a lot easier when you know a few simple rules. This article looks at how you can create great headlines that attract the attention of your audience.Become Your AudienceOne of the first things you should do is to put yourself in the shoes of your audience so you can get in their frame of mind to answer the question, “What will reading this do for me?” If your headline doesn’t answer the question, the reader has no reason to read further.Your headline should pique a reader’s interest by addressing a problem and then connecting with them by hinting at a solution that will hook them into reading more. Every headline must have a definite purpose and it should address a specific audience. For example, are you talking to parents with young children, to the elderly, or to people suffering from a certain health condition?You should only use easy to understand words in your headlines. You’re not trying to talk down to your audience, you just want to keep it simple. After all, if your headline is difficult to understand because you use complicated words, a reader is going to think the rest of the content will be even harder to comprehend.Formulas That Grab AttentionWhile using a formula to create a headline won’t necessarily work for every campaign, formulas can at least help get you started.• How To: How-to headlines promise the reader advice, information, or a proven solution to a problem. How-to headlines can also involve “Ways to” or “Steps to.” For example, “6 Easy Steps to Avoiding Urinary Tract Infections Forever.”• Reasons Why: Reasons why headlines do just that, give reasons why. For example, “5 Reasons Why Making Sure Your Child Gets Enough Vitamin D is More Important Than Ever.”• Question: If you know your audience has a particular question in mind, ask that question as your headline. For example, “Want to Know How You Can Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep?”• Statement: With a statement headline, you just state it like it is and you provide a benefit to your reader, whether it’s a 50% discount on tooth whitening, introducing a brand new location that makes it more convenient for patients, or informing readers of a new breakthrough cancer treatment that may save their life.Whether you’re creating print health care marketing campaigns in Sarasota, health care online marketing campaigns in Tampa, or a mixture of both anywhere in the U.S., taking the time to create a winning headline can mean the difference between a winning campaign and a campaign that doesn’t deliver for you or your audience.

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