EEOC Compliance Software – Make Sure Your Hiring Practices Are Compliant

EEOC compliance software is just a small facet of an overall applicant tracking software package. This is a type of software that ensures that your recruitment and hiring practices remain Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliant-that a particular candidate is hired based upon nothing more than their skills and qualifications. Applicant tracking software (ATS software) is also sometimes called recruitment or recruiting software and hiring software.What Is Applicant Tracking Software?In a nutshell, ATS software is a type of software as a service (SaaS) that allows you to handle your recruitment’s needs electronically. It allows you to store all relevant applicant data electronically, alleviating the need for bulky and slow filing systems. At the enterprise level, it’s usually a module in the human resources department’s overall software system, or Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Modules are available for corporations to recruit internally and externally.ATS software allows the HR department to collect applicant data from a variety of sources (company website, job boards, etc.) and parse that data into relevant tables in the software’s database, allowing the HR department to compare applicants quickly and efficiently. In fact, most job boards such as Monster and Hotjobs have partnerships with the makers of ATS packages that make the parsing of this relevant data much more efficient, easing the migration of data from their system to the ATS package’s system.What IS EEOC Compliance Software?Basically, EEOC software is software that collects and tracks an applicant’s equal opportunity data (in compliance with U.S. federal government regulations). This data is then made ready for compliance reporting to the EEOC through one of a number of reporting methods, such as Microsoft Reporting Services.Companies that have federal contracts, must undergo regular audits of their hiring practices by the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs). EEOC software helps to ensure that those companies remain federally compliant and able to receive and retain their federal contracts.An applicant’s equal opportunity data must be collected and stored no matter where that data comes from (questionnaire, website, interview, etc.). Compliance software is an applicant tracking software module that makes this process much easier seamlessly. Some of the methods of collection can include self-identification surveys, reasons for non-selection forms, hiring and offer logs, minimum qualification questions, and flow logs. The software allows a company to quickly and efficiently report the data they’ve collected when reporting time comes around.

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